The Studio


Fun House Tattoos is an appointment only studio.
To book an appointment we need to know exactly what you want tattooing before you book.
All appointments require a deposit BEFORE we can give you a date and time.
The size of the deposit needed depends on the size of appointment you are booking.
The minimum deposit required is £20.
The deposit will be taken from the final price of your tattoo on the day of your appointment.
The best way to make an appointment is to call in to the studio with your deposit and any reference material you may have for your tattoo.

Opening times

Sunday – closed
Monday – closed
day – 11am – 5pm
Wednesday – 11am – 5pm
Thursday – 11am – 5pm
Friday – 11am – 5pm
Saturday– 11am – 5pm


To produce a good portrait we need a good quality photo to work from.
We have a large selection of film stills, actors, musicians, sports stars etc in the studio so if you want a portrait of someone famous there’s a good chance we’ll have a reference photo available.
If you want a portrait of your parents, children, pets etc then you need to supply a GOOD quality photo. Small blurry snapshots don’t work.
For portraits we only work from actual photos of the subject. We don’t work from drawings or photos of other people’s tattoos.

Shop Rules

No under 18s
If you are under 18 years old you will NOT be tattooed under any circumstances whatsoever.
The law states that it is illegal to obtain a tattoo under the age of eighteen- FULL STOP.
Your parents can NOT bring you for a tattoo – IT IS STILL ILLEGAL.
No Smoking.
No Drinking.
No spectators in the tattooing area.
We do not sell tattoo equipment or run tattoo “courses”.